Art Galleries In Banff, Alberta

Banff, Alberta, nestled in the Banff National Park, is one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations. Just about an hour and a half away from Calgary, this resort town is known for its majestic mountainous surroundings, soothing hot springs and exhilarating outdoor activities. The city of Banff was founded in 1885 and was named after Canadian Pacific Railway president, George Stephen’s birthplace of Banffshire, Scotland. In 1985, Banff National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Noting its special culture and physical significance, Banff is also known as a vibrant community of artists that truly celebrate heritage, culture and creativity in the art galleries in Banff.

The Canada House Gallery celebrates its 40th anniversary on May 24, 2014. The gallery is owned and operated by Eric and Barbara Pelham. As an active ADAC member, the gallery represents 50 painters, 15 sculptors and numerous Inuit artists from Cape Dorset. The Canada House Gallery hosts nearly 1000 original art pieces. They have a long-term, enthusiastic, professional staff that run regular exhibits and cultivate relationships with artists and patrons. The gallery is open everyday, except on Christmas Day, and is located at 201 Bear St., Banff, Alberta T1L 1B5, phone: 1-800-419-1298.

Mountain Galleries is one of the largest commercial galleries in Western Canada with three locations in Banff, Jasper and Whistler Resort. The gallery was established in 1992 by artist/filmmaker Wendy Wacko, who, along with a dedicated staff, represent major and mid-career artists. With over 20 years in existence, Mountain Galleries upholds its mission to support and promote Canadian artists. They recently created an “artist in residence program” for its three locations. The gallery represents the artists and provides them with a studio space and accommodations during residency.

Location is everything when it comes to this wonderful Inn

If you have never been to the Canadian Rockies, you really don’t know what you are missing. This area of Canada has some of the best scenery known to man. The area has a host of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, mountain biking and horseback riding just to name a few. People come from all over the world to take in the slender of this magical place. There are a few hotels and inns around the area but one in particular is centrally located; so that you can enjoy all that the Canadian Rockies has to offer.

The Canadian Rockies Inn was built with the location in mind. You can find this beautiful inn located at 308 Stephen Ave. VoA 1Go in Field, British Columbia. The inn is situated right in the heart of the Rockies and engulfed by Yoho National Park. A beautiful natural area that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yoho National Park is over 1300 sq. km and is home to some of the best views around. Staying here will allow you to access many hiking trails in the park. If one national park isn’t enough, just one hour away you will find Banff National Park.

If fishing is your cup of tea then you are in the perfect area to do some serious fishing. Located just 12 kilometers away from the inn is the beautiful Emerald Lake; which is home to the best Canadian outback fishing. Even closer than Emerald Lake is Lake Louise which has its share of large fish as well. If you don’t care much for fishing and you rather go hiking, this place is the perfect home base for loads of day hikes.

Better Communication and Intimacy Can Start With Cuddling at a Ski Resort

It’s often difficult for couples to set aside enough time for each other on a regular basis. Many working couples are managing complex sets of work obligations. Couples may feel guilty about not being able to spend more time together. They should remember that even setting aside a few moments a day for one another can make all the difference. The trick is making those moments count.


The value of cuddling is underrated. Couples can achieve a great deal of emotional intimacy after cuddling with one another. Some couples may prefer to cuddle in the morning and some may prefer the evening, but the emotions should be the same either way. Casual contact like cuddling requires both partners to be very gentle and attentive. People often cuddle quietly as well, and having a few quiet moments to spend with one’s partner can quickly establish a feeling of tranquility that can last a surprisingly long time. Healthy and happy relationships are made of moments like these. Couples don’t need extravagant gestures to have happy relationships. It’s often the simple pleasures that matter.

Few couples are able to spend huge amounts of time together. The content of the time that they do spend together is what counts, and cuddling doesn’t take too long. Affectionate gestures like cuddling demonstrate that both partners care for one another, want to make each other happy, and can find joy in just being with one another. The couples that truly enjoy each other’s company and the couples that can generate a lot of emotion from being in each other’s presence are the couples that stay together long-term.

Couples can enhance the experience of cuddling together in many different ways. They can make sure that their bedrooms have a warm, welcoming feeling, which they can create through simple decorating decisions. They should think about the things that make them feel happy and relaxed, and try to modify their rooms accordingly. A comfortable mattress can also make all the difference when it comes to cuddling. Cuddling is all about becoming very relaxed around one another, which is harder to do with a mattress that is tough and uninviting. Couples need to have positive feelings about the places in which they enjoy cuddling, and a high-quality soft plush mattress can make that happen for them. Low-quality mattresses can create distractions, which will make it harder for cuddling couples to truly get in the moment. Hardworking couples may already have a difficult time relaxing, and they certainly don’t need additional challenges.

Taking vacations together can often strengthen a relationship, and couples can certainly spend some time cuddling during their vacations. People that enjoy skiing can also appreciate the special warm, cozy atmosphere of a ski resort during their skiing vacations. A ski resort fireplace will just add to the feeling of hearth and home. After a fun, brisk day of skiing, couples can return to their cozy ski resorts and cuddle by the fire. Couples can enjoy all of the emotional benefits of cuddling at home and away from home.

What Some of the best ski resorts British Columbia have to offer

Many people dream of skiing in beautiful British Columbia. This beautiful location is known for its generous amount of white powdery snow. Millions of people come from all over the world to experience some of the best skiing in the world. The breath taking slopes that British Columbia has to offer is like no other on the planet. Staying in this beautiful area is a treat in itself and below we will discuss some of the best ski resorts. In these world class ski resorts you will not only be surrounded by beautiful slopes but also all the luxuries you can imagine.

Big White Ski Resort is located near Kelowna, British Columbia. This fine resort is perfect for those who love to ski. With an average 295 inches of snow annually there is plenty of fresh snow for everyone. A family oriented resort where there is fun for everyone. You don’t have to wait in line for a long time at this resort because they have over 15 lifts allowing for ample time on the slopes. This resort has lodging on site and with lots of amenities to make you and your family feel at home. At Big White Ski Resort you not only enjoy traditional slope skiing but they also have snowboarding, night skiing and cross country skiing for the more adventurous.

The Fernie Alpine resort is another great place to do some serious skiing. Located in Fernie, B.C. this is the perfect spot for skiing. With a large snowfall of over 348 inches a year this area has some of the best fresh powder snow around. A 5 Km long snow run will provide hours of fun. 10 top of the line ski lifts are available during the peak season so that you can get to the top quickly. If you love walking in the snow this is the perfect resort for you. With over 142 different snow trails this is the place for you. Ample loading can be found at the ski-in ski-out Fernie Slopside Lodge. After a hard day of play why not relax in this fine lodge.

The Sun Peaks Resort Village is a large complex resort that is made up of many different shops, restaurants and accommodations. With over 120 different individual lodges and inns there is room for everyone that comes to this great resort. Located in the interior of British Columbia this resort village has over 3678 skiable acres and over 122 different trails. An average of 220 inches of snowfall every year makes this village ideal for those seeking snow. Enjoy 11 ski lifts for all day access to some of the finest slopes around. Snowboarding and tubing is also available at this resort.

Mount Washington Alpine Resort is one of the finest B.C. ski resorts. This amazing resort is located on Vancouver Island making it one of the most sought after places to ski. A large ski area of over 1600 skiable acres gives everyone plenty of room to move around. This resort really has something to boast about with an average snowfall of 420 inches a year it has plenty of the white stuff. 8 lifts will take you to the top of some of the most breathe taking slopes you will ever see. Lodging is also available on site here at Mount Washington Alpine Resort and the rates are really reasonable. If you are new to snow skiing, you are in luck because this resort offers skiing lessons for all ages. This is a beautiful resort and a great place to spent time with your family.

Some of the best spas in British Columbia

One of the best places on earth to relax and be rejuvenated is a spa. There is nothing on earth that can bring you back to life quicker than a weekend at a spa. Spa resorts in British Columbia have been known around the world to be some of the best. Lots of people flock from both Canada and the United States just to experience some of the best spa on the globe. One of the best features of British Columbia’s spas is that they are in close proximity to many world class ski resorts. Just think after a long hard day running up and down the slopes you can unwind in the evening at one of the many luxury spas B.C. has to offer. Below are a few of the finest spas in the British Columbia area. A trip to one of these spas will surely make you feel like a new person.

The Black Rock Resort and Spa is located in the beautiful Ucluelet British Columbia. Situated right next to the oceanfront makes this spa one of the prettiest on our list. This state of the art spa has several luxury suites including a quaint studio room or the stately one bedroom suite. All accommodations at the Black Rock are very reasonably priced. 24 hour room service is always available so you won’t go hungry day or night. If fine dining is your cup of tea, you will be very happy here at the Black Rock. A large menu is available for all three meals of the day and features some of the best artisan dishes in the area. A full list of services including Massages, facials, manicures and pedicures are available here at this fine Canadian spa.

If you are looking for a little something different, then the Miraj Hammam Spa is for you. This Middle Eastern themed spa is located right in the middle of ski country. One of Vancouver’s finest spas, this award winning facility offers traditional Hammam and Gommage; which is a traditional Middle Eastern style stream treatment. This amazing spa also has a very relaxing traditional Jerusalem steam room to help you melt away your worries. This spa is truly a place of spiritual rejuvenation. A full list of spa treatments is available for you to enjoy at this spa.

Moving on from the Middle East why not give Scandinavia a try. The Scandinave Spa located in the majestic village of Whistler British Columbia will transport you to a faraway land of snow and ice. This magical spa boasts a very large traditional style outdoor Scandinavian bath. For only $58 you can treat yourself to this relaxing experience of a lifetime. This spa has many different and exciting spa treatments that include a wood burning Finnish sauna to burn away the stress, a eucalyptus steam bath, and even a thermal waterfall. Surrounded by a beautiful spruce forest this spa is truly one of a kind. Rated one of the top Eco spas in North American the Scandinave is truly a treat. Whether you are enjoying one of the many spa treatments or just relaxing by the bath area you will be truly at peace in this gorgeous environment.

Inglewood Fine Arts

Many contemporary artists have found a home to showcase their works at the Inglewood Fine Arts in Calagary, Canada. The exhibition was opened by Michel Arseneau on April 2, 2011 and was pushed into the spotlight because of the well-known Canadian artist Charles Carson. Inglewood Fine Arts is proud to display works of various artists in a permanent fashion unlike the traditional rotating structure that many other exhibitions employ.

Inglewood Fine Arts is host to works from artist like Humberto Pinochet and Veronica Funk. Pinochet is a devoted artists and has participated in cultural events around the world. This constant traveling is one of the main ways that Pinochet gets his inspiration. In the Inglewood Fine Arts, you can find works of his that reflect his life around the globe. Many of his paintings show groups of people of different ethnic background dancing and socializing with each other. Veronica Funk, on the other hand, attempts to capture the soul of Canada in her acrylic paintings. Her use of bright and exciting colors makes her images appear to pop out of the canvas and into the room.

One of the greatest draws of the Inglewood Fine Arts is the range of paintings that are availabe to view. The types of works include abstract expressionisme, plein air painting, figurative work, and many others. Several of the artists are award winning, including Lyse Marsan. Lyse began her career more than 40 years ago and moved to France where she recieved the gold medal for Merite et devouement francais au titre des arts. Since then, she has been an active member of many organizations and in 2013, she was given the title of Grand Master of Fine Arts by the Academie Internationale des Beaux-arts du Quebec.

Not all of the works that can be seen at the Inglewood Fine Arts are paintings, however. Andrew Millar is a professional photographer that focuses on beautiful and mysterious forces of nature. Andrew is also highly trained in printing, allowing for him to print his already wonderful photos and turn them into something even more magnificent. Not only is Andrew fascinated by the organic side of the world, but also by the artificial side. The versatility in his works quickly becomes apparent upon entering the exhibition.

There are also other events that can be experienced at Inglewood Fine Arts. Receptions are held occasionally, often times with a celebrity artist present. The space may also be rented out for a wide range of private events. More recently, a series called Artist-of-the-Month has begun. Each month, a different artist and his or her works will be highlighted at exhibition. Artists such as Patricia Lortie, Terry Gregoraschuk, Alan Briks, and many more will be part of this series.

The Inglewood Fine Arts is open Monday and Tuesday by appointment only, Wednesday – Saturday from 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM, and Sunday from noon to 4:00 PM. More information about the exhibits and bookings for private events can be request on their website at Fans can also subscribe to the mailing list on that webpage to receive monthly updates about upcoming events and new artists.

Divorce Laws In British Columbia

Getting divorced in British Columbia takes into account two things and those are preparing for the divorce and the Court process. Click here to view a site that specializes in divorce. A small pre-divorce planning can help you greatly in making the divorce run smoothly and even provide you more protection. Just remember that Knowledge is power especially in the divorce proceedings. Knowing about the divorce rules in British Columbia and court processes, you can save your time and money as well.

Here are few tips that you can help you in preparing for the divorce.

Do a thorough review of all the mail coming to your house and create a list of the sender and their return address. It is very crucial to know about the address of insurance companies, stockbrokers, credit issuers, revenue properties and banks. Make a copy of these documents.

Review all the bank statements monthly and all the brokerage statements, property assessments and credit card statements. Provide your lawyer with the copies of necessary documents to your lawyer for safekeeping.

Check on all the tax returns filed by your spouse and you. You can demand for an explanation on any item that is questionable before signing them. Generate complete copies of the tax returns for the previous several years. Also, make sure that all taxes that are owed to the Federal Government are paid. If they are not paid, then copy the assessment notices.

Be familiar with the business interests of your spouse. Get involved in the financial information about the business by obtaining full information about the business that includes loan applications, bank documents, tax returns and financial statements.

Court process

There are two ways by which a divorce can be settled in BC and that is by court or by agreement. In British Columbia, there are different court levels that deal with various aspects and elements of business law. The Provincial family court has all the authority and power to access, custody and child support disputes. It has no authority or power to give divorce or to deal with the distribution of the family assets.

The procedure of provincial family court is more informal compared to the supreme court of BC and there is a possibility of the disputes to be solved more economically and quickly in the supreme court.

The Supreme Court possesses the power in dealing with the access, custody and Spousal and Child support problems and even the problems related to divorce and property distribution. The cases of this court are heard in Vancouver, Chilliwack and New Westminster.

In the provincial family court and supreme court, there is a possibility to get interim orders for the child support, access and custody and even other matters. These orders are typically obtained at the starting of the case and they remain in place until the case gets completed and the financial decision has come out. The orders are usually made for one spouse to get exclusive hold of a family asset.

As both the courts are making their efforts to streamline the process and reduce the waiting time for the case to be solved, acquiring final decision in a family case still can take many months.

These are the divorce rules and processes of getting divorced in BC. Follow these rules and keep in the mind the processes so that the divorce procedure goes smooth and solves out as quickly as possible. Make sure you have all the documents ready with you.

Outdoor Sun Safety While Skiing In British Columbia

Many travelers will want to consider some basic tips for outdoor sun safety while skiing in British Columbia. The slopes in the area are well known for offering some of the highest quality experiences that people can find for themselves. This is part of the reason why everyone will want to link up with the resources that they have available to manage the sun exposure that they get. Sun safety is a valuable consideration that everyone will need to remember during this process. If travelers have an special concerns, they need to talk to a dermatologist operating in their area soon.

Putting on sunscreen can actually be a surprisingly effective solution that everyone will need to consider going forward. There are actually some high UV sun rays that will shine on the slopes. The snow will be a surprisingly powerful attractor for these rays, which may impact the way that people are impacted by the sunlight. Most everyone will need to think about how they can deal with different types of issues throughout the trip as well. Travelers may want to head to British Columbia if they want to gear up in advance. This could be an invaluable resource available to people who need to understand more about how this process can work as well.

Some people may notice that they receive minor burns or abrasions as a result of their time out on the slope. There are different types of topical creams that can be applied to ease these burns. Some travelers may want to stock up on these in advance, which may be a valuable consideration for most to keep in mind. It will be relatively easy for people to identify some of the different types of resources that they have available as well. This cream can be used to help people adapt to the issues that they might be facing throughout the year. This will be an invaluable asset available to people who need to learn more going forward.

Red moles are a common concern among those that are suddenly affected by these skin conditions. See for great info on moles and skin tags. Travelers may want to check out how they can monitor these red moles over time though. They are a nuisance, since they can mar the complexion among many people. There are actually techniques that can be used to remove these red moles. Though they are rarely dangerous, some people may want to remove them to restore their complexion in just a short amount of time. This could be an invaluable resource available to people who want to understand more about how this can work as well.

Of course, most people will want to contact a dermatologist about how they can have different types of growths inspected if they seem abnormal. Most people will want to try to mitigate the effects of all the different types of cancers that may form over time. There are a few different types of resources available to people who want to understand more about how they can get a quick procedure done. The dermatologist may be able to recommend different types of procedures that can actually be done right in a clinic setting.

Looking For Great Ski Equipment

If you are looking into getting out onto the mountain and having a fun weekend of skiing, taking a dip in this fun and leisurely (yet, also potentially highly competitive) sport can quickly and quite easily run up a high bill and you can find yourself spending several hundreds of dollars just to get started. From gas or bus tickets to get up to your destination, then lift tickets and rental equipment; if you plan to ski quite frequently it can be cheaper in the long run to purchase your own equipment.

Whether you are buying expensive equipment in Calgary, expensive swiss watch, or some other luxury item, you can easily break the bank. The higher quality ski items, top of the line merchandise, can easily cost as much as an expensive luxury item like a Swiss watch. Depending on the quality and brand of the items that you want, you can be looking to spend even thousands of dollars to purchase your own gear and all of the necessary accessories required for skiing. A general day of skiing can cost you anywhere from a few hundred dollars, upwards of $1000, again depending on whether you want to rent, purchase your own equipment, and also what quality of equipment you do want to purchase if you are looking to acquire your own.

Sports Rent is one popular location in Calgary for ski rentals and other sporting equipment, you can rent recreational or performance ski’s for as little as $15 per day. The pole rentals are also for as little as $10 per day, and the boots roughly $7, making it one of the most popular places in Calgary to go for your ski equipment rentals. Another popular location for ski equipment is Mountain Equipment Co-op, which offers a wide variety of high-end sporting and recreational gear and accessories. Purchasing the necessary items from this location, in order to custom build your own pair of ski’s, is going to cost you close to $1000, depending on the quality that you want, size and so on.

Sometimes when you are left to rent equipment, you can end up wearing gear that doesn’t fit you properly, not only is this dangerous but it can quite easily become very uncomfortable and easily ruin the fun. If you are going to spend more time skiing, it’s more beneficial not only to your safety and convenience, but also beneficial in cost as well, for you to invest in your own gear as opposed to be left to go with whatever is left available. When the busy season comes, sometimes you can also find yourself scrambling to find rentals which can quickly prove very difficult. Seeing as the gear is very costly however, it turns many people off to investing in their own set of supplies.

Skiing is a beloved activity that millions of people take part in, not only is it entertaining but it also adds a variety of health benefits to your life as it’s a very physically demanding sport. The sport can easily cost several hundreds of dollars to just get started with, which leaves many without ever having experienced any time skiing in their life, it’s a relatively privileged sport or activity to take part in. There are numerous locations that offer competitive prices and numerous brands, that can help you get started with the right stuff.